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A title screen reading "Mique'l Dangeli: Dancing Sovereignty: Protocol and Politics in Indigenous Dance Practices"
A title sheet reading "Smarthistory: Creating a smarter, more equitable and diverse art history. A workshop lead by Melody Rod-ari"
A title screen reading "Melody Rod-ari, Who Owns Ban Chiang? Revisited"
A title screen reading "Art History and the Digital: Deepthi Murali, Yael Rice and Nancy Um"
A title screen reading "Yael Rice: Artist, Maker Unknown: Hierarchy, Bias and the Museum Database"
Speaking Seeing: Indigenous Visual Knowledge and the Priority of Language with Gerald McMaster, Kent Ayoungman, Floyd Favel and Krista Ulujuk Zawadski.
A heading reading "Orit Halpern In the Garden of Speculative Delights"
A blue screen with the heading "Nick Mirzoeff: The Strike Against White Sight is a Feminist Strike"
Kamawapatahmowin: Introduction to Indigenous Visual Knowledge
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Light and Darkness book cover.
Colourful concentric circles.
Kimberley Moulton: Restoring the Spirit
Lisa Nakamura: On the new metaverse and women of colour
Zeynep Celik Alexander: On Sectional Thinking Circa 1850.