A painting of space

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Ends of Painting Cover

Ends of Painting: Art in the 1960s and 1970s
By: David Homewood and Paris Lettau

Contemporary art begins where painting ends, or so goes one of recent art history's most dominant narratives. This book is a post-mortem of the supposed death of painting in the period following World War II. In eleven essays by a global array of leading scholars, Ends of Painting offers a counter-history, showing how the practice and discourse of painting remained integral to art throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Un Australian Art Cover

UnAustralian Art: Essays on Transnational Art History
By: Rex Butler & ADS Donaldson

UnAustralian Art: Ten Essays on Transnational Art History proposes a radical rethinking of Australian art. Rather than identifying a national sensibility, Rex Butler and ADS Donaldson demonstrate that Australian art and artists have always been engaged in struggles and creative exchanges with the rest of the world. Examining Australian art as much from the outside in as the inside out, Butler and Donaldson’s methods open Australian art history to an encyclopaedic multitude of hitherto excluded stories.

A person is blurred on the left. They are staring at a silicone mask stretched across an Ipod case, both are very sheer white in tone. Below there is pearls dangled over silicone bra pads, they are both covered in fake blood with needles poking into the silicone.

Fri, 6 October 2023


How to be an art critic

Mariam Arcilla, Neha Kale, and Toni Ross

Gregory Markopoulous and Robert Beaver standing together in a field.

Robert Beavers