Schaeffer Library Art Program

Exhibitions, residencies and events drawing on the unique collection of the Schaeffer Fine Arts Library.

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Sydney Asian Art Series 2024

A series bringing together researchers from across the world to discuss critical issues in early, modern and contemporary Asian art. In 2024, the series focus is on the theme of community.

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The Womanifesto Way

A publishing project exploring the history of Womanifesto, the first feminist Southeast Asia-based international art biennial founded by Varsha Nair, Phaptawan Suwannukudt and Nitaya Tuk.

Karla Sachse and Khun Pikul, Womanifesto Workshop, Boon Bandarn Farm, Kantharaluk, Thailand, 2001. Photograph by Varsha Nair; image courtesy of Womanifesto and Asia Art Archive.


A title screen reading "Photography Falls Apart"

Photography Falls Apart

A series of panel discussions about the practice and conditions of photography today.

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Kānawāpātahmōwin: Indigenous Visual Knowledge

A series of conversations with Indigenous artists, academics, activists, and community members from the global Arctic, North America, and Australia to discuss the concept of Indigenous Visual Knowledge.

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Powered by Power

A program for supporting projects and initiatives within Australia’s broader art history and artistic community.